Cloud Computing Weekly Podcast

Our guest on the podcast this week is Scott Udell, VP of IoT Solutions at Cloud Technology Partners.

We discuss containerization orchestration technologies like Kubernetes, and the healthcare industry’s complex relationship with cloud computing.

We look at the reasons to use Kubernetes as a containerization orchestration tool. Kubernetes represents about 80% of the orchestration tools that exist. The market position is known, skill-sets exist for it, it can scale, and it can provide a one-stop shop to do something effective with containers. In all, companies are not doing a lot of containers today, it is still a small part of the cloud, but it will continue to expand rapidly.

We also look at the healthcare industry’s complex relationship with the cloud.  Healthcare is behind the curve in terms of how they’re leveraging technology. The amount of automation that can occur and good that can be done with technology in the healthcare industry is immense. They can move a lot faster with moves to the cloud.


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