Cloud Computing Weekly Podcast

Our guest on the podcast this week is Ray Young, VP at Cloud Technology Partners.

We discuss the AWS outage and how it should not come as such a surprise because cloud provider outages should be expected from time to time. For a lot of companies, the outage was a wake up call not to move away from cloud, but that they need to make the right architectural decisions about the cloud to prevent these sorts of outages. worrying about outages is not the answer – it’s all about management, monitoring, and the ability to have self-healing capabilities. Cloud providers will have outages from time to time, and your enterprise’s cloud architecture will make the difference.

We also discuss digital innovation in the cloud. There are many ‘me too’ players jumping into the cloud, following others with the same solutions. Not a lot of people are thinking out of the box and doing new, innovative things. For instance, it seems like AI as an industry is not innovating anymore, just implementing the same technology to solve similar problems.

Traditionally, when IT has talked about cloud adoption the focus has been on how to shift from data center mindset to infrastructure as code. But more and more, there is a real driver for cloud adoption to be innovative. The primary way cloud makes innovators is by allowing them to stay relevant and survive in today’s technology world. There is also a shift from loyalty of a brand based on the merits of a brand versus brand loyalty based on customer experience and engagement. The cloud is where innovation and agility is happening on customer engagements. Customers are now making investments in the cloud for cost savings as well.

Large enterprises now see their competition as small, nimble, emerging startups. These startups are able to mature their capabilities through their investment in cloud, SaaS, and custom-builds on the cloud to be seen as an equal in the marketplace. For large enterprises trying to stay relevant in a marketplace of startups who can move faster than they can, cloud is the only way to equalize the playing field.

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