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Cloud Weekly Podcast Ep. 11


Welcome to the Cloud Computing Weekly Podcast, your one stop for news, information, and expert advice around the emerging world of cloud computing.   This podcast is brought to you by Cloud Technology Partners in partnership with our host TechTarget.    

This is Ep. 11.          

My name is David computing SME, author, speaker, consultant, B-list geek, and with the firm Cloud Technology Partners.  

Guests:   Bart Copeland  Charles Radi

John Treadway


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  • PaaSLane


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Savvis acquires AppFog

Finding the next AWS, VMWare or EMC: Five areas where cloud startups can make it big

Discuss Gene Kim's book, "The Phoenix Project"

US Government

I ran across an interesting Forbes article - how the US government is the biggest cloud user in the world (at 2 billion annually). They are a huge proponent of private cloud.

It's interesting because the government has essentially been forced into becoming pioneers due to their shrinking budgets. They had to find new ways to do things and innovate - and have actually leapt to the forefront of cloud technology.

Another article on the CIA picking Amazon over IBM to build their private cloud despite IBM being cheaper (by 54 million):

I thought this was interesting because even in IBM's own report stated that most enterprises that are looking into private cloud options are not that swayed by price. Most are being methodical and looking for technical superiority and find a cloud that fits them now and in the future - future proofing. They care much more about that - and this deal validates that theory.

And it's not just the US - IT spending around the world is dropping but increasing on public/private cloud:

Driven mainly by reduced costs/risk, faster deployments and increased productivity


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