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Cloud Weekly Podcast Ep. 17


Welcome to the Cloud Computing Weekly Podcast, your one stop for news, information, and expert advice around the emerging world of cloud computing.   This podcast is brought to you by Cloud Technology Partners in partnership with our host TechTarget.    

This is Ep. 17.          

My name is David computing SME, author, speaker, consultant, B-list geek, and with the firm Cloud Technology Partners.  


Lisa Noon, VP Cloud Technology Partners

    Enterprise and Application Architect, speaker, writer, SOA and Cloud SME, have helped a ton of companies through both journeys.


  • Interop.  

  • Re:Invent



Cloud Governance in a Multicloud World  /  September 26th

Take the mystery out of governance for the cloud.

How to Optimize Performance in the Cloud  /  October 24th

Are performance issues holding back your cloud computing efforts?

How to Migrate Business-Critical Applications to a Hybrid Cloud  /  November 19th

Explore the top recommendations for migrating applications to complex cloud environments.



How to close the cloud chasm between executives and IT

Amazon loosens up restrictions on reserved instance usage

Joyent founder Jason Hoffman steps down


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Twitter:  @DavidLinthicum

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So, until next time, best of luck in building your cloud computing solutions, we’ll be back next week.

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