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Our guest on the podcast this week is Jason Bloomberg, president of Intellyx and author of The Agile Architecture Revolution. We discuss how modern enterprises should integrate new technology trends including cloud computing, big data, and DevOps, with their legacy tools and processes. Agile companies are putting their IT puzzles together to deliver value and ultimately create more successful organizations.

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Our guest on the podcast this week is Mike Kavis, VP and Cloud Architect at Cloud Technology Partners. We discuss how increased complexity within cloud, mobile, and big data technology is driving the need for managed service providers. Listen in to learn why IT should be embracing MSPs to deliver the greatest business value.

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In 1957, Malcom McLean revolutionized global trade with the world's first dedicated container ship. Today, and especially in the last few months, there's buzz around how “containerization” may do the same for workload liberation and application mobility.

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Why should your database management infrastructure be in the cloud?

Our guest on the podcast this week is Mike Olson, Chief Strategy Officer at Cloudera. We discuss the evolution of data management and analytics from PostgreSQL to a recent development from UC Berkeley, Apache Spark. Spark is thought of as the more powerful and flexible successor to MapReduce. Just as cars shifted from manual to automatic transmissions, we are now shifting to an easier and more efficient way of managing our data.

Listen in to discover why Google is leaving MapReduce in the dust.

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