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Our guest on the podcast this week is Lisa Noon, client partner at Cloud Technology Partners. We discuss the recent announcement that Amazon will reboot its EC2 instance this coming weekend. With new technology comes the ability for outages, updates and reboots, but should we accept this as a new norm and what should be proper protocol for alerting customers?

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Our guest on the podcast this week is Dana Gardner, cloud blogger and thought leader. We discuss the shakeup of Citrix leadership and how it will affect CloudStack’s position against OpenStack. Currently, OpenStack has a greater market presence with backers like IBM, HP and Red Hat.
Listen in to learn if Citrix’s issues are indicative of the future of its technology.

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Our guest on the podcast this week is John Keagy, CEO of GoGrid. We discuss recent security breaches in Apple’s iCloud. When provocative photos of female celebrities were stolen from personal iCloud accounts most pointed the finger at flaws in the security standards of cloud computing. However, the bulk of responsibility for protecting personal information in a consumer cloud is on the user themselves. 
Listen in to learn how you can protect what’s in your iCloud account.

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Our guest on the podcast this week is Kacy Clarke, VP and Principal Architect at Cloud Technology Partners. We discuss a report card by Google explaining how its cloud computing services works and why they are safe. The report came after Google requested a security audit from Ernst & Young. We consider the idea of having one auditor to evaluate all cloud providers and hold them equally against each other to see true results.

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