Cloud Computing Weekly Podcast

Our guest on the podcast this week is Mitch Berke, who is leading a team of service provider specialists at EMC. We discuss Google’s adoption of a streamlined version of Ubuntu for Docker use. As we continue to evolve technologies around cloud and containerization we work towards an environment where companies will be able to live migrate containers within a multi-cloud deployment based on cost and performance. Listen in to find out why you should keep an eye on containerization in 2015.

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Our guest on the podcast this week is Janakiram, Analyst at Gigaom and Head of Cloud Infrastructure at Aditi Technologies. We discuss Microsoft’s recent outage (again) and the lack of communication to their users. With access to social media, customers were reporting the outage before the dashboard picked it up. Listen in to find out what Microsoft needs to change to get back in the good graces of their users.

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