Cloud Computing Weekly Podcast

Our guest on the podcast this week is Mark Russinovich, CTO at Microsoft Azure. We discuss the hidden forces fighting against agile in an organization, mostly caused by not having the right alerting and monitoring systems set up from the start to ease into continuous development. The rate of change Azure has is only possible because of the DevOps model they use to move quickly. Enterprises are attracted to the cloud for the cost savings, but they soon love the agility the cloud provides so that they can get more done quickly as an organization. When customers do become interested in the cloud, they want more guidance, and Microsoft is now offering help creating road maps and as well as technology support to implement cloud initiatives. One of the most important steps Azure has taken is to democratize the cloud, and make it approachable for consumers.

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Our guest on the podcast this week is Dana Gardner, Founder atInterarbor Solutions. We discuss OpenStack‚Äôs traction, successes, and obstacles as the cloud market continues to grow rapidly. We also look at how enterprises are shifting to an API-first mentality, with the need to tie together services across multiple providers into one heterogeneous experience. Last, we look at the new emergence of cloud brokers and whether they are better suited as a core competency at an organization or as a product.

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