Cloud Computing Weekly Podcast

Our guest on the podcast this week is Marten Mickos, CEO at HackerOne. We discuss how going all in on one vendor can create potential issues for the future as the industry changes rapidly. There are ways to mitigate this risk through architecture and to allow the most critical aspects of your infrastructure to remain portable through abstraction layers and other tricks. We also look at the top cloud skills required for job seekers today in the industry starting with being a self-learner.

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Our guest on the podcast this week is James Urquhart, Senior Vice President of Performance Analytics at SOASTA, Inc. We discuss the effective use of data for the improvement of user-performance. There are a lot of companies who rely on online behavior that receive mass amounts of data they do not understand, and tools are now being released to automatically correlate this data and present it back in meaningful ways. Enterprises who choose not to innovate in the cloud early on are at risk of being overtaken by new entrants with better digital approaches to their industry.

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