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Our guest on the podcast this week is Chris Wolf, VP & CTO, Americas at VMware. We discuss how the VMware-AWS deal came from listening directly who customers who wanted to leverage the public cloud while continuing to leverage the best private cloud they were already using. The partnership will allow customers more flexibility and agility in their cloud strategies. So, what’s in it for AWS? A level of intimacy with enterprise IT they have not previously had access to. The world will continue to rely on hybrid cloud infrastructure for years to come because large enterprises cannot move as quickly, and may not have the finances or skills to jump into public cloud. With Microsoft Azure Stack being released soon, this partnership is strategically timed to allow customers to try out this new flexibility first.

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Our guest on the podcast this week is Alex Williams, Founder at The New Stack. We discuss the transformation from container-based environments to orchestration-based environments. Docker’s entry into the cloud provided a lot of free options for companies, but many companies don’t know how to leverage these open-source ecosystems. Docker and other container-management systems allow us an alternative to virtualization, and it seems safer for enterprises to leapfrog VMware or VMware on AWS and move directly to containers. This provides advanced security and governance immediately though most enterprises feel Docker is out of reach because they already have VMware currently running at their data centers. Serverless Architecture systems like AWS Lambda and IBM OpenWhisk provide a comparatively low-cost solution but an added level of complexity of implementation that excludes many enterprises. Last, we discuss how Microsoft may not need Windows anymore. The battle of the Operating Systems may be over soon because most people now run services online instead of on their operating system.

News Covered

InfoWorld: VMware on AWS: A one-way ticket to the cloud

InfoWorld: Why Microsoft doesn’t need Windows anymore


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Our guest on the podcast this week is Dana Gardner, President and Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions. We discuss the VMware-AWS deal that has the potential to bring many more companies with private servers into the cloud. We look at how the strategy for AWS is not to lock-in customers to their platform alone, but to work with vendors like VMware to support customers implementing hybrid cloud strategies to further grow the Amazon customer base. With many more vendor partnerships in the cloud industry, there is now a shift to enterprises aligning themselves around a cloud ecosystem, not just a platform anymore. We look at AWS and Microsoft Azure as the leaders in public cloud who may soon enter a price war that will commoditize public cloud. With the commoditization of public cloud, specialized high-margin services and applications that add value to the cloud will carry the industry forward from artificial intelligence to big data insights to predictive analytics and more. 

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Our guest on the podcast this week is Brian Gracely, Director of Product Strategy at Red Hat. We discuss transition from Red Hat being known for Linux to their current status as leaders in the cloud computing industry. We are emerging into a space now where efficiency is the objective. Reinventing technology is not as crucial as building highly elastic, highly scalable cloud environments to bring companies forward. We look at the future of Microsoft and whether or not Windows will continue to be a focus as they adapt to the changing technology scene. One of the places where Microsoft beats AWS is in their sales force and ability to form long-term relationships with customers who appreciate the in-person assistance they provide. This key element puts them in a great position to grow with Azure in the future.

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Our guest on the podcast this week is Reuven Cohen, VP of Growth at Aporeto. We discuss the future of machine learning. Almost anyone can access the power of machine learning today to build their own applications without needing to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Taking the complexity out of cloud management makes it accessible to the mainstream and easier to focus on minute improvements. The ultimate value of machine learning comes from being able to put data into context to make key business decisions. We discuss new improvements to AWS for machine learning speed and what the best path forward is for Google to compete in the space.

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