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Our guest on the podcast this week is John Treadway, SVP at Cloud Technology Partners. We discuss best practices to leverage the cloud for innovative digital solutions. We look at Blockchain as a powerful new reality that helps reduce transaction costs for the financial industry on everything from mortgages, record-keeping, stock allocation, and even car records. Blockchain is disrupting the 15th century double-ledger accounting system still in use today, and it relies on the cloud for its future. The cloud acts as the backbone for many other innovative solutions of the future from AI to Machine Learning and Big Data insights. These include algorithms to improve the reliability of autonomous driving, and even to accurately build financial portfolios more effectively than a stock broker. The Cloud Technology Partners Digital Innovation initiative was launched on October 25 and will lead many of these innovative cloud-based solutions and more. 


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Wall Street Journal: How Blockchain Will Change Your Life

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Our guest on the podcast this week is Robert Christiansen, Vice President, Cloud Adoption Practice Lead at Cloud Technology Partners. We discuss a basic framework for cloud adoption in large enterprises based on learnings from over 400 client engagements at Cloud Technology Partners. Through these experiences, patterns have emerged that can be used to make strategies for engaging large enterprises in cloud adoption despite early fear and uncertainty.  A key step is to put together an internal cloud team or Cloud Business Office (CBO) with buy-in from all departments including legal so that adoption can move forward with full support. The beginning of enterprise cloud migration can sometimes be more about changing psychology over changing technology. 

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David Linthicum sat down with Rackspace CTO John Engates and Navica CEO Bernard Golden to discuss private cloud's value in today's quickly growing public cloud market. 

In 2013, we saw many CTP clients using OpenStack based tools for their private cloud initiatives. Fast forward to 2016 and public cloud is 3.5x the size of private cloud adoption, according to a Wikibon report. As more features and functions are released by the public cloud providers, enterprises are rightfully asking where the private cloud business case exists anymore.

Despite the increasing popularity of public cloud’s on-demand, pay-per-use model, private cloud still has a place in the enterprise, and its adoption continues to grow across platforms. There remains legitimate reasons to own and manage your own technology infrastructure, and private clouds bring some of the benefits of cloud principles to such data center deployments.

For Episode 100 of The Doppler podcast, David Linthicum sat down with private cloud proponent John Engates, and private cloud skeptic Bernard Golden to moderate a discussion around the future of private cloud and its business value in IT’s dynamic landscape.

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