Cloud Computing Weekly Podcast

Our guest on the podcast this week is James Staten, Global Head of Market Development at Equinix.

We discuss digital edge computing and why it is important for enterprises to embrace. It even saves them money in the long run. Every new product today needs sensors to gather information and send it back to the manufacturer for feedback and safety information. This applies to everything from autonomous cars and fitness gear, to elevators and the military. The tricky part of all these sensors is that you do not want to have the data traveling back to your headquarters so that machine-learning can happen on-site in your own data warehouse. That will take too long. The insights need to be happening at the device. That means enterprises need a digital edge strategy.

Will this reach a saturation point with all this information coming in through sensors? Will IoT clients end up with too much information? One problem is that people are gathering every datapoint, but not necessarily understanding what the information means. It is important for organizations to decide what data to keep and why. A great place to find cloud-neutral, carrier-neutral best practices for moving to a digital edge model is at the Interconnection Oriented Architecture Knowledge Base

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