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Our guest on the podcast this week is Chris Cochran, SVP and GM at Backspace. We discuss the value that Managed Service Providers (MSP) bring to its customers, specifically through the 24-7 support that is constantly evolving to keep up with the rapid innovation of cloud technologies. We also look at the recent alliance between CTP and Backspace and how this partnership will create leading end-to-end solutions for cloud transformation. Finally, we discuss the importance of planning in the early stage of the cloud journey so the customer understands, and can prepare for the operational changes that will occur once they move to the

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Our guest on the podcast today is Sandeepan Banerjee, SVP of engineering and operations at ClusterHQ. We discuss why Google’s biggest challenge in the cloud right now is working with enterprise customers. We also consider why enterprises are favoring hybrid cloud approaches, instead of going all-in on one public cloud provider. Finally, we discuss the potential of machine learning and how essential the adoption of this technology will be for companies to stay competitive.

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Our guest on the podcast this week is Joel Davne, Founder and CEO at Cloudnexa. We discuss cloud pricing strategies including Microsoft Azure’s recent price cut for large enterprises. It seems cloud providers are reducing prices on older technology to make way for newer products. We also look at the latest AWS announcement that they will be offering options to get up to a 10% discount for reserving capacity in advance and on a recurring basis.

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The Size of OpenStack
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SAP and AWS News
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News from Chefcon and Red Hat
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Public Cloud Exploding...Now What?

Guest: Casey Benko

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